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2017 Predictions, Mundane Astrology Forecast of Aspects


If you want to Plan ahead to take advantage of Fortunate times in 2017, our Annual Mundane Aspect guide, will help you look for favorable times, weeks and evens months in order to plan that special holiday, wedding, or rally or sale in the Markets!

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Mundane Aspects January 2017

Mundane Aspects February 2017

Mundane Aspects March 2017

Mundane Aspects April 2017

Mundane Aspects May 2017

Mundane Aspects June 2017

Mundane Aspects July 2017

Mundane Aspects August 2017

Mundane Aspects September 2017

Mundane Aspects October 2017

Mundane Aspects November 2017

Mundane Aspects December 2017


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