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Rosecast has been ranked the number 1 stock market timer by Timer Digest between October 11, 2007 (all time high S&P 500) and October 11, 2008 (first strong low of the financial crisis).

Financial Cycles Weekly  Astro-trading program that has a decade-long track record of 35% ROI

Fortucast    Market timing services from Barry Rosen, publisher of Fortucast commodity timing services.

MMA Cycles  Ray Merriman presents Stock market analysis with Geocosmic cycles

Birmingham Astrology Group. Local Astrology group based in Birmingham, UK


Bet365              Fixed odds betting on indices, FTSE and Wall Street  hourly or daily and betting on three currency pairs ,  EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY

Coinbase      Buy and Sell digital currencies,  Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum only.

HitBTC     Trading exchange for over 360 different cyber currencies, send BTC or ETH and start trading. Ripple, ADA, IOTA, NXT, Bytecoin and many more

Binance  Trading exchange for over 200 cyber currencies

Easy Forex  Bet on currencies 24 hours a day from $1, also MT4 platform, where you can trade micro lots of 0.01c

Minergate   Use you PC to earn Bitcoins, Mining while you sleep, log on register, download software, and let the coins roll in for Free, small amount of electricity required!


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