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Lucky Leprechaun 6 Monthly reports

"There is no question but that all things must be done at the right time to get the best results"
WD Gann


Are you Lucky?

Have you ever had the feeling, that some days,  you can just never seem to pick a winner?

What would you do, if you knew when to gamble to ensure your chances of success?

Lucky Leprechauns monthly reports is the answer. Using Astrology you can ensure your chances of winning, when certain planets make harmonious aspects to your own birth chart, these times can be very prosperous, when planets make bad aspects  you never seem to win. Knowing when these  planets form harmonious  and bad aspects is the key to your success.
 A lucky leprechaun monthly report not only shows which planets and exact times these aspects occur and are at their peak. If your familiar with Astrology, or new to astrology, you will probably know your own Sun sign. Well did you know you had over 15 more placements of planets?
Lucky Leprechaun uses over 15 planets to compile these reports Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Node, Eris, Sedna.
No other astrology software uses Eris and Sedna. It's like baking a cake without all of the right ingredients. By using Eris aspects  you are doubling your chances of winning, by avoiding Sedna aspects you are reducing your losing periods by 50%

You may have received a report  before showing you a lucky Day, or told Friday PM, but never the exact minute when your luck is in!!!

A 6 monthly report on Lucky times all for just $15, YES 15 Dollars

Lucky Leprechaun reports can also be used for the following

  • Best times to gamble

  • Best time to go on a date

  • Best times for a day off work

  • Best times for a party

  • Best times to look for a potential partner

  • Best times to invite a partner over

The report comes in an excel spreadsheet format, you will notice with the example below, the higher the number, the more chance of winning on this day, aspects prior and after also need to be taken into consideration. A full explanation of all aspects and planetary meanings are also included in the tabs of the spreadsheet.

Here is an example of a report for one of clients,  she is a slot machine fanatic , so if she follows the report, she  would commence 2 hours after Moon ( Moods & emotions)  is 180 degrees of Sedna (Corruption) , as it is highly unlikely  to win during this 2 hour period.
Then start  playing for 39 minutes and take any winnings at  08.37am Sunday 2nd March  when Venus ( Money)  is 120 degrees Jupiter (Luck). Also at 12.05pm   when Mars (Assertion)  is 60 degrees to mercury ( Communication)  is also a good period, if they are not on the phone telling their friends how much they won!. For a brief explanation of the planets used,  See Lesson 5

You will also see in the tabs on the spreadsheet the times when aspect occur and over what time period, look out for good Moon periods linked to lucky Planets.

You will also receive a Natal Horoscope of the day you were born, to see where the all planets were on the day you were born.

Moving stars

A 6 monthly report on Lucky times all for just $15, YES 15 Dollars


Please ensure that you provide, Name, Date, time and Place of Birth, when submitting your order.
All reports will be produced within 48 hours of payment.


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